Residential / Portable Solar

The price of solar has come down significantly over the years. Solar is within the reach of many more homeowners, however it’s still a significant investment. Many times people are only given the option to purchase a full system which often requires financing of some kind. Galusha Solar was founded with the goal of providing simple, safe, and reliable solar systems at a price that made good financial sense even if government incentives went away. To support this mission we’ve created Solar Starter Kits that allow anyone to get started with a small system and build up over time as their budget allows. The options vary by location, so ask your local rep for more information.

In Colorado we’ve got the $6000 Solar Starter Kit. This kit is 2.5 kW of solar panels, which is 10 - 250 W panels, 10 Enphase microinverters, and all the wiring and infrastructure required for the system to work and be expanded in the future. Better yet, this price includes installation! This covers most situations, though there will be some additional costs for some situations such as concrete tile roofs that require specialized mounting hardware. The average cost of an installed system in Colorado is currently $2.94. The total cost of this system $2.40 before the tax credit! That’s a savings of around 20% on average.

What will this system save you? This depends on may factors, but on average $50 a month. We can provide a free estimate that takes your roof orientation into account and provide much better information for you.

Using current electrical rates this system has a payoff of 7 years. How do we calculate this? The federal tax credit is 30% in 2017, or $1800 on this system. That leaves your total cost as $4200. If we assume a south facing roof and an average savings of $50 a month you’ll be saving $600 per year on your electric bill. However, it’s highly unlikely electric rates will stay at current levels given how many people are moving to Colorado every year. This means your system will likely pay for itself much faster. We can show you this calculation on your quote. This will show you what your system is expected to produce each month and how much you would save assuming a 3.4% increase in electric rates year on year.

When your budget allows, add more panels! The price will depend on where you live, as the permitting fees and processes vary by municipality.  Denver has the lowest price for permitting, but we'll work with each city to give you the best value.

That’s a lot of information. We will discuss any questions and variables when visiting your home. You may find that your situation works to add a few more panels to this kit. That’s great! We will adjust the quote to accommodate your situation. These are easy changes to make together thanks to our software. We keep the process simple and straight forward so you are confident in your decision.

Does this sound like a good approach for you? Fill out our Colorado contact form and we’ll get back to you typically within one business day.


Bobs House - Project Installation CompleteWe're going to compare a few months worth of the power usage report from the local electric company, on a solar panel array installed in late September.  The 2.8 kW Grid Tie was built on a South-South-East facing roof, on a 35° pitch and consists of 14 200 watt flexible solar panels, which produces 2.8 kW.